Powder Room D

Started from the bottom now we’re…” Well, you’re actually here in this about section so… let’s talk! Powder Room D got its start in the heart of New York: Brooklyn. Sewn together with pieces of love and passion, this independent company wanted to make people feel good while being wallet friendly. Priding ourselves as an affordable luxury, Powder Room D strives to bring quality products at reasonable costs for the everyday consumer. Using advanced technology, each PRD wig is heat-safe allowing one to get the most out of their synthetic wigs. We didn't stop there; I mean when your on a roll…should you? In partnership with @hairhegoes, Powder Room D also sews, colors and customizes human hair wigs to match even a unicorns vision. It's safe to say that providing options is our “mane” attraction…get it? So we took it a step further and started selling our own human hair extensions in a variety of styles and lengths.

So yeah, thats really about it! I think. Oh! Wait, before you go I forgot the most important part… As a company with humble beginnings, we wanted to be a part of something bigger. Being a pay-it-forward brand, we push for equality, inclusion and justice and actively donate to causes we are passionate about. We’re not only dedicated to bringing you the latest hair trends but also to being a part of the change we want to see in this world.