How To Choose A Perfect Wig for Any Occasion

How To Pick A Perfect Wig
October 15, 2017
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Natural vs. Synthetic Wigs
November 14, 2017
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How To Choose A Perfect Wig for Any Occasion

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Whatever the reason for choosing a wig is, be it a Halloween party, an erotic endeavor, a prank or a medical necessity, the process is the same for everyone. Today, the variety of wigs is striking. You get to choose from virgin human hair and synthetic wigs, high-end and inexpensive wigs, long and short, and much more. So how do you find the right one?

Synthetic Or Human Hair Wigs?

Before you go further, you need to decide on the quality of your wig. Both of these wig types have certain pros and cons. The main one is the price. Human hair wigs are more expensive than their synthetic counterparts are. On the other hand, they feel more natural and can be styled as normal hair. However, synthetic wigs are easy to care for. They can be worn right out of the box and don’t need regular styling since they “remember” the shape they come in, even if it’s tight curls or romantic waves.

What Cap Type Do You Prefer?

The best wigs are the ones that fit you perfectly. That’s why you need to pay close attention to the way the cap is made. There are two popular types of caps: monofilament and lace front. Monofilament cap is made out of mesh, making it easier to part the hair for different hairstyles.

Front laced wigs do a great job making your hairline look natural. You can style your hair backward without being afraid to reveal an unnatural hairline.

Which Color Should You Choose?

Wigs with wild colors are fun for various celebrations so if you need a wig for a few hours or a day, you can go all out with crazy colors on synthetic wigs. You get to choose between drag queen wigs, witch wigs, devil wigs, etc.

However, when buying a wig for everyday wear, you need to be much more careful. Light hair colors tend to make people look younger. So if you had dark natural hair and need a wig to cover up the gray, go for light brown. If you are looking for a temporary wig while on chemotherapy, consider lighter colors as well. Chemo often makes the skin look pale and dark colors are not flattering.

What About The Style?

Choosing your new hairstyle is the fun part. Of course, no matter what wig you choose, be it natural hair, synthetic or a blend, you can play around with different hairstyles. However, you still need to think about the length, bangs, quality, and other matters.

If you are choosing a wig for everyday wear, consider the style that requires minimum maintenance. Just like for real hair, heavy styling can ruin the way it looks. Even if you opt for a heat safe wig, too much curling or straightening is not recommended. Meanwhile, frequent hair gel use can ruin the healthy shine.